Our mission is to conserve and assist in the development of all renewable natural resources within the district. In so doing, the district is authorized to undertake, sponsor, or participate in projects and activities which promote the conservation, development, maintenance and use of the land, water, trees and other renewable natural resources of the district.


  • Reduce soil erosion on private and public lands.

  • Improve water quality in the seven major watersheds of the county.

  • Encourage a hands-on approach to environmental education.

  • Promote the preservation and protection of agricultural land and open space in the county.

  • Secure funding, personnel and equipment needed to support district operations.

  • Develop a public awareness campaign and outreach program that addresses natural resource issues in the county.

  • Promote the participation of private landowners in USDA and state incentive programs for water quality and wildlife management.

  • Support educational programs in the schools and community to improve environmental literacy.

  • Seek and develop partnerships to help accomplish the SWCD goals and objectives.